Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops preservative free Eye Drops

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Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops preservative free Eye Drops

Q: I have a prescription for Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops preservative free will I be remunerated if I dispense it?

A: Yes, provided the prescription is written as “Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops”, prescriptions specifying “preservative free” will not be remunerated.

The product listing for Xailin HA was changed on the Dictionary of medicines and Devices (Dmd) removing the “preservative free”  effective from 13th June 2018.  Following this change the pricing authority have confirmed that contractors will NOT get reimbursed for any prescriptions written as Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops preservative free dispensed after the 13th June 2018,

All prescriptions for this product must be written as Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops for correct reimbursement.

Prescription written as
Prior to 13th June 2018
AFTER 13th JUNE 2018
Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops preservative free 10ml
Xailin HA 0.2% eye drops 10ml
Allowed Allowed

The pack of Xailin has also changed to state "preservative-free in the eye". VISUfarma UK have advised this change has been made because the product contains a ‘soft’ preservative which turns into water and oxygen once it makes contact with the eye, making Xailin HA "preservative-free in the eye". For more information call: VISUfarma UK on Tel 01133 970312

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Tariff Tip written by Sue Swift, UK Drug Tariff and Information Technician

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