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Shoes on Prescription

Q. I have a prescription for ‘2 x men’s post-operative sandals, medium’. Are these allowed on prescription as I have never seen sandals or shoes on prescription before? What are they?

A: There are a number of products listed in the drug tariff that come under the heading 'Plantar pressure offloading devices'.

These include shoes/sandals, boots and insoles. They are used following surgery on the feet, whilst wearing a cast, or to relieve pressure on diabetic foot ulcers.

The prescription should specify the brand, type and size. For example, 'Benefoot post-operative sandals, male, medium'.

BeneFoot medical shoe - post-operative sandals

Gender Size PIP Code
Female Small 377-2175
Female Medium 377-2183
Female Large 377-2191
Pediatric One Size 377-2209
Male Small 377-2134
Male Medium 377-2142
Male Large 377-2159
Male X-Large 377-2167

Kerraped Boot

Kerraped is a boot which allows walking with a bandaged or swollen foot.

It is a full boot with Velcro straps for a secure fit.

NHS Cat Code PIP Code Size Qty Shoe Size
ELY253 329-4741 Small 1 2-5.5
ELY252 329-4758 Medium 1 6-7.5
ELY251 329-4774 Large 1 8-10
ELY250 329-4782 Extra Large 1 10.5-13

Liqua Care Diabetic FlowGel Orthotics

The only insoles available on prescription. They alleviate the discomfort linked to prolonged periods of standing as they stimulate venous return and help circulation.

Drug Tariff Code Insole Size
9-3536 Size 35-36
9-3738 Size 37-38
9-3940 Size 39-40
9-4142 Size 41-42
9-4344 Size 43-44
9-4546 Size 45-46

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Tariff Tip written by Sue Swift, UK Drug Tariff and Information Technician

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