Prescription Charge Increase 2019

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Prescription Charge Increase 2019

Information Services would like to make members in England aware that the Government has increased prescription charges to £9 per item as of 1st  April 2019.

There has been no increase to the cost of pre-payment certificates:

Pre-payment certificates:

3 month PPC - £29.10
12 month PPC - £104
Pharmacy contractors should also note that it is a contractual requirement to display the 2019 prescription charge notice.

Download the 2019 Prescription Charge Card here.

Take a look at our advice on dealing with prescriptions issued in March but collected in April.

English prescriptions dispensed in Wales or Scotland must be charged for under English rules. Patients from devolved countries presenting prescriptions to be dispensed in England may be charged the English prescription charge.

See our summary guidance on charging for prescriptions from different UK countries.

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Tariff Tip written by Sue Swift, UK Drug Tariff and Information Technician

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