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Heart health

First prescriptions for heart failure

This module covers medicines used in the management of heart failure.

13 Sep 2023 , 60 Min Article

Pain relief


Improve you knowledge on migraine and considers how it can affect individuals differently.

17 Jul 2023 , 5 Min Article

Mental health

Supporting people living with anxiety: part one

Living with anxiety

13 Jul 2023 , 10 Min Article

Education & training

Advising on acne

Bust the myths around acne causes so you can recommend effective products and self-care advice

30 May 2023 , 5 Min Article

Veterinary Products

Tackling fleas and ticks

This module will enable you to have confident conversations with customers, helping them manage fleas and ticks both on their pets and in the home.

17 May 2023 , 10 Min Article

Education & training

Treating fungal nail infections

Understand how fungal nail infections develop and help manage customer expectations around treatment

18 Apr 2023 , 10 Min Article

Pain relief

Managing fever in children

Get to grips with the current guidance on managing fever in children and how antipyretics can help, and discover products you can recommend.

18 Dec 2022 , 10 Min Article


Challenge your thinking on warts and verrucas

Discover different treatment options for warts and verrucas and when to recommend them to your customers, based on their individual needs

03 Oct 2022 , 10 Min Article

Gina module 1.png

What is Vaginal Atrophy

Update your knowledge on this common condition, who it affects and its impacts on quality of life

29 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

Gina module 4.png

Gina Supply Considerations

Recognise the contraindications and conditions that need GP referral when considering recommending Gina

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

Gina module 3.png

Gina Support Tools

Understand the path to purchase in the pharmacy and the tools available to support supply decisions

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article

Gina module 2.png

What is Gina

Learn about how Gina works and who can use it

28 Jul 2022 , 10 Min Article