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The management of skin conditions is a significant cost to the NHS with a report in 2012/13 indicating that it costs 2% of the NHS budget1.

The ABPI report published 20182  ‘Making real our shared vision for the NHS: Optimising the treatment and care of people with long-term skin conditions in England’1 states that:-

  • The management of skin conditions cost the NHS £723 million annually and over three million primary care hours are spent on it.
  • Approximately 13.2 million people in England visited their GP with a skin problem in 2016.
  • 85%  of patients  indicate the psycho-social aspects of their condition is a significant part of their illness.
  • Patients  are losing working days due to their skin condition.
  • In severe Psoriasis it is estimated 60% lose up to 26 days of work each year.

Recommendations in the report included:

  • Optimising self-management: empower and equip people to take a more active role in the coordination and management of their treatment.
  • Using technology and innovation to streamline the patient pathway.
  • Maximising use of available resource, skill and experience: Including  development of local champions.

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