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Here you can access e-learning videos, modules and downloads across key pharmacy categories to support your consultations and recommendations in the pharmacy.

Pain management

The Pain Code is an approach to help you your pain management consultations that will help you identify any potential issues with use of pain relief medicines, especially those containing codeine. This 3-part series offer practical advice to use with customers whether you have identified them as suitable for supply, needing further guidance and advice, or likely to benefit from referral.



The pain code: amber

Module 2 in this 3-part series will empower you to deal with 'amber' situations by providing advice to offer when concerns of codeine misuse are identified.

Start learning

The pain code: green

Watch this video to identify customers suitable for the supply of codeine-containing products, and discover advice to help in your consultations

3-minute video

The pain code: red

Available soon

Sleep management

Help customers get a better night's sleep

Understand how to make effective interventions to support customers with short-term sleep problems

10-minute module

Stop smoking

Smoke free living starts with pharmacy

Understand your vital role in supporting smokers to quit with appropriate NRT recommendations

10-minute module

Cough & cold

Clearing up confusion on cough

Get clear on what you can recommend
for customers with coughs

2-minute video
Personal Pharmacy Training