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Over 3 million Muslims in the UK observe the month of Ramadan which is one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar. It lasts 30 days and involves fasting, prayers, giving and self-appraisal.

British Muslims who live with diabetes need to be ready for Ramadan, but it seems many will avoid speaking to a healthcare professional to discuss fasting because of fear being advised not to fast during Ramadan. Fasting is a personal decision but it can be dangerous and can cause serious implications to health, especially having diabetes, therefore it’s important to check if it is safe to fast before taking it up.

It is an important time for pharmacy teams to begin their conversations now with patients who are preparing for Ramadan, to ensure they keep good control of their diabetes. It is an opportunity to provide brief advice to highlight the dangers of fasting with diabetes and reduce the risks of illness during Ramadan.

On completing this module, you will be able to understand:

  • What Diabetes is
  • What Ramadan is
  • Who is exempt from fasting
  • Impacts of fasting on the  body
  • Brief advice
  • Signposting
  • Summary
  • Further reading
  • Linking to a health promotion